Why I’m travelling to Vietnam

Today I’m travelling to Vietnam. The trip is London->Da Nang.

How come?

This trip came out of the blue. I’ve never expect to visit Vietnam this year, neither in the short term, but everything happen for a reason.

Almost two months ago I faint at work. My arm and leg side was «heavy» with tigleness. My colleagues called the ambulance. The doctor said that it can be either a TIA (mini/stroke) or a type of migraine (anxiety/stress episode). A CT head scan diasarted the stroke (thanks God), so, the diagnostic was: anxiety because of stress.

The reasons

Certainly, there are a few things that disturbing me, personally, at my job. But, faint because of that? And being sick for a few week, with headache, dizziness, paint on my chest and with low energy? I can neither commute by bike.

Well, I have to recognise that my mind is very active, both for ideas and concerns. I’m very innovative, proactive, and recently become very competitive too. I also being pushing me a lot to improve my English, plus personal and job issues. But to be honest, I’ve never expected become sick because of that.

Overcoming it

I rely my mind health on psychologist sessions. I consider having a person to speak about deep feelings and concerns from the neutral point of view is good for both health and self improvement. I’ve been doing short on and off therapy with a Chilean pshychologist for a few years. And now she is helping me to overcome this stress period. Of course, I’m a very good patient too.

The alternatives

The idea of the trip came on those sessions. I was thinking about visiting my family in Chile, but she open my eyes for going for a relaxing trip. We remember how I enjoyed last year on the Bali trip with Bibi and Cam. I was one week motor biking trip with them, and as they are living in Da Nang, Vietnam, and moving to Colombia in the middle of May, so, I had a rare and unique opportunity that I can’t miss.

Fortunately, they are very friendly and kind, and immediately accepted visited them. Indeed, Bibi will travel with me a few days too! I’m feel so blessed.

The trip as a therapy

The original idea was stay around Da Nang, just chilling. But, I bought a Lonely Planet guide and there are so many stunning places to visit. Moreover, this trip’s given me a push of energy and motivation, and also, I don’t know if I’ll back to Vietnam soon, so, I have to take the chance to visit the most that I can in two weeks, keeping the goal on mind: relaxing.

Furthermore, in this recovering process I’m pushing myself to taking everything easy, being more patient and enjoying simple things. For this reason, and due to the excotisim of this trip and the already beaten expectation, I’m enjoying the whole process of the trip since I’ve booked my flight three weeks ago. So, it worth the money as therapy.

Why I’m sharing this experience?

I consider that mental issues still a taboo and the psychologist sessions are misunderstood. They are not only for illness such as depression or bi-polar disorder. It can help you to overcome and reconduct behaviour that either doesn’t allow you to fulfill our potential or literally kill ourself.

Is it expensive?

Someone asked me, how can you afford it this trip? Certainly, isn’t cheap and I don’t have a high income, but in the last five years I’ve learnt how to live and enjoy a simple life. I also don’t go to parties and commute by bike, so, I don’t waste money, but basically, the trip and teraphy is part of my mental health, so, it worth the money and time spending.


I’m on my flight right now, and the only expectation that I have is empty my mind andenjoying every single thing, such as having three seats for me and the orgasmic seafood spaggeti served on the flight! Really, I’ve never has salmon in a airplain before! I’m in heaven 😉

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