Vietnam itinerary trip

The original trip was visit Bibi and Cam to Da Nang and travelling with them to the Cham islands. But, I bought a Lonely Planet guide, which shows 12 top places to visit, so, I decided to go on my own in some of them. Bibi also will join me for Cat Ba- Halong Bays.

Here is my itinerary to his amazing trip to Vietnam.

28th April. London -> Da Nang (arrive on 29th)

29th April. Da Nang

30th April. Cu lao Cham island

1st May. Cu Lao Cham

2nd May. Cu Lao Cham -> Hoi An

3rd May. Hoi An -> Da Nang

4th May. Da Nang (Hue?)

5th May. Da Nang -> Hanoi

6th May. Hanoi -> Ninh Binh -> Hanoi

7th May. Hanoi ->Hai Phong -> Cat ba

8th May. Cat ba

9th May. Cat ba -> Halong bay

10th May. Hai phong ->HCMC

11th May. Melkon delta / Floating Market

12th. Ho Chi Ming City -> London

13th. London

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