My Weight Watchers – 2017

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Chick here for my 2018 update.

Nº weeks: 25

 Total Loss: 6.7kg 

 Total Fat Loss: 5 kg*


w1. 11/7/17. Result: -2kg 

w2. 18/7/17. Result: 0kg (-1,3Kg of Body Fat compared with May 17)

w3. 25/7/17. Result: -0,2kg 

W4. 1/8/17. Result -0,3kg

W5. 8/8/17. Result +1,2kg

W6. 15/8/17. Result -0,7kg Total Loss: 2,1kg.

W7. 22/8/17. Result: -0,9gr.

   Pros: Reintroduce Avocado and rowing 30 min

W8. 29/8/17. Result: 0gr. Total Loss: 3kg. Total fat loss: 3,5kg.

      Pros: reducing sugared product at the office such as biscuit and cakes (there are a lot)

      Cons: Beers (Bank holiday weekend with friends)

W9. 5/9/17. Sick at home with flu.

W10. 12/9/17. Result: -1,2kg. Total Loss: 4,2kg.

W11. 19/9/17. -800gr. Total loss 5kg. Total fat loss: 3,8kg.

W12. 26/9/17. -600gr. Total loss 5,6kg – 12 pounds. Total fat loss: 4.6kg

Pros this week: cycling almost 41km/26miles.

W13. 3/10/17. 0gr. 

W14. 10/10/17. 0gr. 

Pros this week: rowing challenge 13km.

Cons this week. rowing challenge´s preparation & celebration (chocolates, Sunday roast and wine.)

W15. 17/10/17. 0kg

why haven´t lost any gr? probably because I´m not tracking!

W25. 17/12/17. -1,1kg Total Loss: 6.7kg



Total loss: 6,7kg

Total fat lost 5kg.


*compared with May 17

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