Coxswain training

In August I decided to join in an 8.5 miles rowing challenge for the Ahoy Centre in the Thames River, with the goal on mind both, to help a charity organisation and to meet people in my area. This idea came from the Ahoy Open Day where I discovered how they help children and disabilities people in Lewisham, Deptford and Greenwing. They also have volunteer plans open all year round.

This kind of volunteering is related to the different activities that they set up, but basically, there are two big groups: maintenance and coxswain. I applied to «coxswain»  and also offered my marketing experience and skills.


A coxswain is a person who leads the rowboat. There are different types of boats and rowing styles. When you row, you are facing the back of your route, and depending on your position, you can´t see where you are going and if you are syncronised with your team. For this reason, the coxswain role is a need it.


The training consisted of a series of sessions in the water. Yesterday I started the first one which was the theory and sailing the same route (Chelsea -> Greenwich) that I made on the 15th October but from the Coxswain perspective. I mean, checking the traffic, water signals, where we the boat needs to go, where is forbidden, among others.

safetyboatNext session will include rowing – I can´t wait for that!

Coxswain coaches

The training was provided by the rower officer and senior coxswain Sarah Cairn, who also trained us for my challenge. Other seniors coxswains are Becki and Alie.



The volunteers were Diana, Lucas, Luna and me! Lovely team.

Lucas Godoy picture credits.


Ahoy Centre_ Sunday 29th Oct 2017_3





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