AHOY Rowing Charity Challenge 2017

Donations: Click on the next link: https://goo.gl/5G7XqU

*** Please, mention my name on the «personalised message» box, is the only way to track where the money comes from because we are a team of 6 asking from donations.  You can add «Go Nilda/All the best Nilda» or whatever you want. Many thanks***

Nilda´s target  £270

Total raised:  £870 target  £1,800


Since a few months I´ve been thinking about joining a charity as a volunteer with a few goals in mind: help the community, improve my English and meet people.

The AHOY Centre a charity which works with children hosted an Open Day, that included rowing and sailing sessions on the Thames – I did both, Incredible experience!

The AHOY Centre OPEN DAY 12/08/17

The AHOY Centre raise money via «Rowing Challenges»:

  • Challenge Westminster -> Greenwich 8.5 miles – 13.5km (Team of six – raise £1.800)
  • Challenge 50K (Team of 8 – raise £4.000)
  • Challenge English Channel -23 miles


In the Open Day, I met Jennifer who told me her team is finding the last person to join the  8.5 miles Challenge on the 15th Octobre which is advertised as «No experience needed – just sense of adventure».  A sense of adventure? I am your person!

And here we are! Jennifer (captain), Margaret,  Dave, Sam, Elias, and me.

Part of the Team: Nilda, Jennifer, Margaret and Dave.

As is a challenge we need to raise a total of £1,800 –  £300 each and I want you to help me!


  1. Go to web: https://goo.gl/5G7XqU donate now.png
  2. Click on DONATE NOW
  3. Select the amount of moneydonation
  4. This part it´s essential. To know who has given via my links I need that you personalised a message mentioning me: «Go NILDA Go!» or whatever you considered, but always mention me, OK?personalise
  5. Leave your details and click on NEXT and Pay. Easy!

Many thanks to everyone!



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